Great tech job with a lot of ownership!

Hi, we are MGMco and we want to hire you.

At Member Get Member Company, we are building a successful startup and we want to have fun doing it. From our office in Amsterdam Centrum, within easy range of some beautiful terraces, we work hard on our product.

The idea may not be the sexiest (full disclosure: we build marketing software), but our small team is determined to have fun as we scale up, find new markets and iterate to make our platform the most that it can be. Our company culture is built on making the time we spend in the office not just productive but also as entertaining as humanly possible. At our daily company lunches one can always hear interesting stories from one another and usually have a good laugh. Monthly, we like to go out on the town and have a drink or two as we cruise through Amsterdam’s many diverse activities.

And what we need to round out our skilled team is a front end web developer.

Your Job

Here at MGMCo, we are javascript enthusiasts. Our entire stack is built in it - frontend, api, micro-services and even some of our build tools. We are working with the most modern ES2017 standard and the dev team constantly pushes each other to write the cleanest and most efficient code possible. But besides that, we also encourage you to think first about the experience of the user who will be interacting with your work.

Features, enhancements and even bugs (nobody is perfect) are going to be a daily part of your life, but if you have ambitions to learn other things, we encourage you there as well, wether they’re strictly related to development or not (UX? How to found a company? Growth hacking?).

What We Would Like

  • Experience with frontend frameworks (such as Ember.js or Angular) and the surrounding ecosystem and tooling (Yarn, Git)
  • Some experience with Node.js
  • The ability to handle the entire end to end development cycle
  • Familiarity with SASS or LESS and responsive design

What We Can Give You

  • A lot of ownership over your projects
  • A company with a culture like no other
  • Remote work is ok (after you meet everyone) so working from some equatorial beach is fine with us
  • Shape your role in the company to coincide with your own skills and ambitions

The Tech

  • We have several frontends, including an admin, a client dashboard and the main platform. These are built with Ember.js
  • A main API using Node.js, MongoDB and Express.js
  • A few micro-service APIs using various things, but mostly Postgres and Node.js
  • We are a small team so we mostly use Heroku to make our lives easier in terms of deployment

If you’re interested, come and tell us what would make your job awesome or better than you have now! Email us at